Riding is my Religion

Verdad News

Verdad Test Center France

We' re happy we finally have 3 testcenters in the French Alps! If you wanna know how our boards respond on the mountain in powder or on ice,pipe or park! Then it's time to test one for free !

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From Biarritz to the Port of Antwerp

We stay Connected! This is the second Collabo with Fashion Fucker. An Ode to the Original Buccaneer Lifestyle!

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The Black Deuces

We wanted to have our own binding, so we made one. A binding that fits to our standards, super confortable but also high performant. Verdad proudly presents: "The Black Deuces" Coming in store's this season.

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The IVth range, riding is my religion

At Verdad we don't see a board as an ordinary object but something special that gives freedom and a reason for living. The board makes the rider complete, without it he doesn't exist, so we take the manufacturing as seriously as a blacksmith making a sword.