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Aphex Goggle strap

Verdad is about following your destiny!

So we're moving our headquarter to where it should be! Formiguères BC is one of the best kept secrets in the Pyrenees! So we're proud to announce our collaboration with this amazing resort! Next winter you're all welcome to ride the lines with us! Stay tuned for further info!


Aphex Goggle strap

Aphex / Verdad goggle strap

Proud to present the VERDAD-APHEX GOGGLE COLLAB! Get your own Riding Is My Religion Strap @ Aphex !!

Verdad wins Battle of the brands 2015

the Verdad team was crowned as best team at the first "Battle Of The Brands" in Ladybird, Tilburg. Big up to our skate team, the other riders and the organizers of the event!

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New Skateboards...

available @ your local store!

More info soon...

Demir's tour through the French Mountains

Teaser/Edit of Demir's tour through the French Mountains Chasin a lil bit of Pow and riding his new board the DJ VIII.

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the Vth Range of Verdad


On our quest to find "the Truth", we had to go back to our roots. The struggle vs. the dream of a few men on their road to freedom. We believed the -V- was something worth fighting for.

The ambition of making a brand with soul & style, to inspire riders worldwide with the same state of mind.

Making high-end products that stand for a feeling, shared passion for all hearts that live the "Riding is my Religion" lifestyle

This range represents the buccaneers deep down in our souls. The lost paradise we all want to find, and once found defend it with our lives.

Together with Fortuna, goddess of luck who helps those who take risks or action, we gonna let the Vth range ride harder and stronger than ever before.

Buccaneer IV Life